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The Christmas Gift

As I shopped through the mall seeking just the right gifts,
There was so much to choose from – I became rather miffed.
Every shop has its window filled up to the brim,
With fun toys, crudely puppies, perfume, a home gym.
Little trinkets for grandma, a clapper for dad.
A Ginzu knife sampler, Esprit’s latest fad,
There’s no shortage of secrets at Victoria’s place,
A yummy bread maker to brighten Mom’s face.
And I knew that at crown’s I would find a good book.
That would fit rather nicely in sister’s book nook
I bought basketballs, softballs, and rackets galore.
Little frames set for pictures, and still there was more.
As I purchased each item, ands wrapped it up neat.
I knew I was closer to resting my feet,

I walked onward, upward, leftward and right
‘Til the afternoon hours crept into the night,
Then I paused, took assessment of all that I’d bought,
And labeled each gift, “should have” or “should not”.
It was lucky for me the should haves clearly won,
And I let out a sigh, Christmas was done.
In less than house I had all that I’d sought
My arms ached with pain, and my back in a knot.
Yet for every wrapped present I’d placed ‘neath the tree.
I knew other were shopping for presents for me.

As I prepared to go home, my eyes caught a sight,
That put in perspective my chores of the night,
I saw a young boy, not much older than me,
Holding up a small sign that read “please, please help me.”
As my eyes left his sign, and looked up at his face,
I saw someone who looked very much out of place,
I sensed that he knew of the toys that were there
But of toys and of clothing, he didn’t have a care.
The bag that he carried was soiled and stained.
And a shell of a jacket was all that remained
He looked skinny by nature, but his frame was too slight.
For a three year old boy on that cold winter’s night.

As he lay down his sign, ran his palm through this hair,
Busy shoppers passed by trying hard not to stare.
Then he tucked is torn shirt into his pants that were green,
Took a sleeve to his nose, and he wiped it off clean,
I had no way of knowing how long he’d been there,
But I bet it was day by his matted brown hair,

As he turned to resume to his place once again,
He reached out for his sign, but instead, touched a man,
And next to that mans stood a three year old boy,
A hot burger in one hand, the other a toy,
With a round hand straining hard at the weight
He offered the food, then the toy to his mate,
At first he looked startled, but slowly he’d see,
That the gift bearing boy brought not one toy, but three.
There was no recognition; these were not trusted friends,
Yet the look in his eyes spoke of love without end,
They conversed for a moment, while I stood on my place.
As they said their goodbyes, tears rushed down my warm face,
Then with big arms that shelter, the father reached down,
And he picked up his son from off the ground,
Encircled in love, the boy’s smile moved a crack,
And he said to his friend, “don’t worry, we’ll be back”
With his sandwich half eaten, and the half saved
The boy saw them off them off with a shy, humble wave.
As I followed the father and the son to the door,
I knew that their Christmas, meant a whole, whole, lot more,
Then my presents all wrapped in bright ribbons and bows,
Which in hours would reveal fancy trinkets and cloths
Each one with a price tag that told of it’s worth,
Yet in one brief exchange I saw Christ, meek and mild,
Dressed on poverty’s rags, and the gifts of a child.

That night as I knelt and thanked God up above,
I thanked him for people, who demonstrate love,
I’m sure there were weightier matters that day,
But to one little boy things are looking okay.

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Stepped Away, Now I am Back.

I am alive, just busy, will write more often Promise!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Reflections.

I have had many opportunities to reflect this past month on the simple things that the Gospel has to offer, I really have had an amazing month from the events of Family History to a set of best friends getting married, to most of all the quiet whisperings for the Spirit that teaches truth and gives eternal light. As I have reflected on many past experiences there has one thing that consistently been a common thread in my life, as President Hinckley something similar in one of his final talks, about the gospel in his own life. That common thread in my life has been my friends, the people I associate with in a deeper level than just the common “Hi” I have noticed that I am the person I am today because of the people I was around, as I look back and noticed a couple of period in my short lived life, I have seen time of Joy and Happiness, but also grief and pain, those time of grief and pain were because I had not chosen to do things that were right in the sight of a forgiving Heavenly Father, however the Joy and Happiness has been granted based on making right and wise choices of true and honest friends, I feel that these friends made it possible for the more opportunities to be blessed and availability for the Spirit to work with me in times that I needed it the most.

Another thing that I have reflected on is, Family. I don’t have the most active family in the aspect of the Church, but I love them dearly, they are great and I love them for that. I appreciate them for the love and help/support that they give. That is one reason that I have dedicated most of my life and time at this moment to Family History Work, there is such a power that comes as a reveal that next generation it is as if I personally feel them shouting for joy due to me finding them, and knowing that I will be shortly taking their name to the House of the Lord to have their ordinances done for them, I have been humbled time and time again based on the findings that I continue to see. I once thought that I would never have this family that has been through the process of all the ordinances that the Temple has to offer, However the Lord promised it to me and is making a way, my ancestors may have never talked or walked with the Prophet Joseph Smith, they know will soon have the blessing of him through the Holy Temple.

The last thing I wanted to share with you is in this season that we gather a church membership for General Conference, I personally love the week prior, preparing by reading or watching the previous conference I feel the rush of the Spirit as I am prepared for the doctrine and lessons that will be taught external and internal by wise men as the speak with the authority given from Heavenly Father. As we prepare for this conference, we will hear the messages from the Prophets and Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, he will call his new apostle and once again speak to us in the voice of his ordained and appointed leaders, one lesson that I continue to learn from is Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s message the ministry of angels, that angels are sent to help in time of need, Elder David A. Bednar’s lesson on Prayer, and praying always, and to Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s message on Zion and being a Zion like people. I urge you to seek these lessons and may others as we prepare for this coming weekend, whether we spend it with family or friends may the lessons that are taught touch us in the same way but have those different meaning to us all. Is my prayer in the name of the Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Jason Miller

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Saturday Findings!!!!! This is crazy! Thanks Jenny.

So this is somthing that I would like to start doing just finding something that is interesting to me and share it with you, this week a friend Jenny found this and it is kinda crazy. enjoy!


Vitas (born February 19, 1981, Daugavpils, Latvian SSR), is a Russian pop singer, composer, actor and fashion designer. He is most commonly known by his shortened first name, Vitas, or Витас in Russian. Much of his music is straightforward pop influenced by techno, and occasionally classical opera.
He has received much of his fame through Russian television and is planning to sign to entertainment labels in countries such as China, Korea, and Japan in order to expand to those markets. Vitas' 2005 video "Opera#2" has been forwarded frequently via the Internet, which accounts for much of his worldwide recognition.

2002-2003: Rise to fame
On March 29, 2002 he gave a solo concert to a packed house at the State Kremlin Palace, becoming the youngest artist to ever perform there. Vitas got an invitation from Lucio Dalla, the composer, who created "In Memory of Caruso", to perform this famous song together with the author at the concert "San Remo in Moscow" held in the State Kremlin Palace. Vitas’ voice enchanted not only the audience but Mr. Dalla himself. So the composer invited Vitas to come to Rome to take part in the rehearsals of "Toska", the modern version of the legendary opera.
Vitas presented his second solo program "The Songs of My Mother" in the Concert Hall "RUSSIA", Moscow in November 2003. Two albums: "The Songs of My Mother" and "Mama" of the artist were released for the premiere. The album "The Songs of My Mother" included the songs which are considered to be the gold reserves of Russian pop-music. Another album "Mama" included only the new songs composed by Vitas. In March 2003 he gave 264 solo concerts in places around the world.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thomas S. Monson

I have just had one of the best experiences of my life. Today I woke up and, just knew my life would change today, I would make decisions today that would affect me tomorrow, many of my questions I had, were answered this evening, I went to church, after Sunday School, it was as if I were in a moving hopelessly wanting the time to go faster and pass, but of course I just felt as if it were going even slower. I then left to go to the Marriott Center, for the CES Fireside. President Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke to the Young Single Adults all over the world, as I wait in a long line that just seemed to get longer and longer. About 4:30pm they allowed us to enter in to the building, my initial thought was is this Macy’s or Sears the day after thanksgiving? It was like a mad rush of people, I do understand that all wanted good seats for the event but all the yelling and pushing was that all necessary? However I made it in and got my seat, we still had to wait about an hour and a half. I don’t really care to be in that big of a group, really at all, but I did it to see the Prophet, and hopefully get answers to my prayer I had all day, about 5:30 I was just wondering about silly random things, and my struggles, just as I was thinking, about how noisy it was in there, I started to feel different I have never really felt this way, as I sat there I noticed I felt the Spirit more abundantly than I have ever felt before, I kept looking around at all the chattering YSA’s and wondering if anyone felt as if I did? Then at that very moment I heard what seemed to be a very quiet and firm voice, say “He is here” I got real nervous as I eagerly anticipated his arrival into the arena, but as I sat waiting I knew for a fact that he was in the building, I felt the Spirit. And not like that before as I sat there, about 5:50 I just stood up not really knowing why, but I kind of gave the excuse that I need to stretch but as I stood up about 5 seconds after, President Monson Started to walk in the room, and then everyone in the arena stood, I was in shock, started to tear up and break down as I saw the man that was just called less than a year ago to the rank of countless other valiant men, such as Joseph Smith, Adam, Noah, David O. McKay, and the most recent Gordon B. Hinckley. As I sat the studying this man as I stared at him, wondering if this was him I felt the deepest Love that my Father has for me from Heaven. I then was taught a valuable lesson in the many conversations to be had while waiting for the fireside to start. I learned for myself that I have a special gift from my Father in Heaven, He handpicked it for me, and me alone. Not many were given it, but those that share it know about it. My patriarchal Blessing states that "I was an advocate with the Savior in my first estate and states that the time will come when I will know without doubt that Heavenly Father lives and that his Son, Jesus Christ is my Eternal Savior and Redeemer, the time will surely come when the Holy Ghost will become your Constant Companion", I have witnessed the Literal Savior and his role in my life, and that my Heavenly Father lives, I still have yet to witness the Holy Ghost becoming a constant companion, but it will happen I have faith it will.
I solemnly testify Jesus Is the very person that others have described him to be, that he is that of a glorious being that was given by the ancient descents. That he is the healer of my many broken hearts and redeemer of my many mistakes, he suffered for us collectively but it was individually that makes it personal to me. He knows me. There are no words for what I feel! He lives, I felt his presents tonight, and I know he lives! There is no doubt. Now is my time to shine and bring forth my good fruit, it is up to me to see that the blessing once promised to me come to pass according to my faithfulness. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Continue to press forward with all of your heart know in that he will bless those that ask, it is the least more that he could do after all that he has done. He loves all and will always love all. These are my words, I testify that He lives, he is who he proclaimed himself to be, He lived what he taught and we must do the same. These are my words and I say them is the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

50 Things I Am Grateful For. 2008!

In no Particular order:

1. My Life.
2. My Family.
3. A place to Live.
4. The Gospel.
5. Friends.
6. My Career.
7. Freedom.
8. Trials.
9. The Atonement.
10. Scriptures.
11. The Temple.
12. Talents.
13. Music.
14. The Gift of Communication.
15. Faith Building Programs.
16. Revelations
17. Prophets.
18. The Right to Vote.
19. Snow.
20. The Gift of Hearing.
21. Personal Time.
22. The gift to Laugh. (Sometimes!)
23. Great Priesthood holders,
24. The Relief Society.
25. The Gift of Understanding.
26. Church Buildings.
27. EFY!
28. The Gift to Love.
29. Things that have a symbolic meaning.
30. The Gift to Choose.
31. Joseph Smith.
32. Food, and Water.
33. Chocolate.
34. Vacations.
35. Pictures.
36. Books.
37. Blogs.
38. Facebook. (for networking) LOL....
39. Email.
40. Standards.
41. Running Water.
42. Change.
43. The Ability to Grow.
44. Computers.
45. Past Memories.
46. Change in Seasons.
47. The Gift Of Forgiveness.
48. The Gift of the Holy Ghost.
49. My Savior Jesus Christ.
50. A Loving Heavenly Father that knows me.

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Thanks for Boosting my Confidence!

I would Like to Thank my fans..... LOL!

I am shocked that many of you have commented to me that I am Famous, You keep it up and I will get a head full of air. something that is not what i need right now. now if only I could get one of my own CD's..... LOL!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plug For Josh.

Ok so this is the one of the Best Christmas CD's ever! Just a plug for Josh!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday Will Come!

I heard this during Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin Funeral services, his son, Joseph B. Wirthlin Jr. stated.

The gloom of the Friday when Jesus Christ was crucified and the joy of that Sunday when he was resurrected. “Each of us will have our own Friday’s, those days when the universe itself seems shattered and the shards of the world lie littered about us in pieces. We will experience the broken times when it seems will never be put together again. We will have our Friday’s but Sunday will come, no matter our desperation, no matter our grief Sunday will come, in this life or the next, Sunday will come.

This Beautiful Symbolism has rung true in my heart I know My Sunday Will Come! The Lord Lives, He Lives, and I thank him for that. it is my testimony My Sunday Will Come!

Friday, November 28, 2008


So this Thanksgiving, was a little different than the rest. all 4 of my roommates left Provo, and left me behind. It has been a uneventful week, Bored out of my mind. Thinking that I'm gonna get some sleep, it will be quiet, Quiet yes, but sleep no. I have recently noticed that I do not sleep well alone, and in a house that is what seems to be barron. A tradition that is kept every year by thousands of eating turkey, I made homemade Chicken noodle soup, Yummy! it is getting cold here in Provo, UT but what am I to do, but adapt and move forward, It is a family tradition that the Family Christmas Tree is put up and decorated this week of thanksgiving, so (NOTE) I am a male and single so It isn't the best thing to look at, well it looks better in person but It gets the point across that it is Christmas Time! Now with the tree up and decorated, that means Christmas music is allowed to be played, This is one of my favorite seasons and Christmas music is uplifting but I can get burnt out easily. but what the heck, bring on the snow, Hot Chocolate and many many hours of shivering! Happy beginning of the holiday season, oh and bytheway, Happy Black Friday! Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Car Is Dying! My boss gave me homework.

Well it is almost 16 years old, and been through a lot, but I have some time left with it, but not sure how much longer, so I will drive it until it croaks, but I decided to have some fun and just go and test drive some new cars. In the summer of 2007 I bought my Saturn for $1000 to go from not having a monthly payment to having a hefty one is not something I am looking for. However I will keep my car hopefully long enough to pay off some bills. Now as you scroll down you will see the cars that I test drove. Not only is my car dying but my boss asked me a couple of weeks ago what are my goals and dreams and I haven't really taken the time to think about it, so he broke it down and asked me my want's he started with a dream car... I said "I'm not sure" He said " your not sure?" what do you mean????? What kind of car do you want?. I know that you have thought about it, I then answered maybe a Lexus or a Land Rover. He the also gave me the assignment to go and just get a feel for what you like. So I did.

Of course the ones above are my faithful Saturn I love that car. we have bonded, many many miles we put on together, I bought it with 186,000 miles now just over 200,000. Of course sitting in these cars made me want them even more. but feel free and tell me what you like.
2007 VW Passat.

2008 VW Jetta

Now the nicest car I have ever Driven........

2005 Bmw

Of course now I have a dealership calling me but it was worth it, now for my personal report on the cars themselves....
The Passat... Most likely the car I would buy more for the money, cheaper in price and the biggest for a family, some things i took into consideration, If I buy a car it will need to last me a long time, yet the car was my ultimate family sedan I will look good either while driving to work or driving to a party, right? I think so....
The Jetta.... Yet a nice car but not for me! smaller than the Passat I felt a little cramped in it, it was nice to drive in something about the size of my Saturn, but to be honest in a way it kinda felt a little smaller that my Saturn, and those that have taken a ride in my Saturn we got to know if we both put on deodorant... so I'm gonna say the jetta was nice but not the car for me.
Now the BMW!!!! wow talk about wow! I have never really driven a car the I felt that I have complete control and that kind of get up and go. not to mention the looks that was getting while driving down University Parkway and I-15 made me want it right then. of course the Sales man was like let's take this baby a different route so there is more time for you to get to know the car. In my head I thought HECK ya! although it was a BMW I had my checklist that was going through my mind, Family car, Big enough that we all had space to breathe and feel comfortable. so yes I would consider a BMW after the fact that I have my Doctorate in psychology and am well established in my career. I can have my Dream BMW and my wife can have anything she wants.
Dream Big Right? and you can achieve anything!

Long time no post!

So This Place is cold!!!! Coming from Vegas to Provo is a drastic change, a ton has happened, My roommates are great, Mike, Paul, Brad and Cort, all unique in there own ways. Ya'll know me when I am stressed I get uptight and sometimes unbearable just with the day to day life. they are troopers! but I am trying new things to continue to channel the stress into working out or taking pictures. Cort this past football season worked for the BYU Cougars Football team, so 2 of their home games I got to attend for free, now I had free tickets but little did I know at first until he told me that they were front row and goal line, I was stoked! I went to the BYU VS UNLV game in October and the San Diego State game, both amazing games from both teams. Here are some Pictures for the San Diego game.

Now you also know that I haven't been the brightest one when it comes to football, but I have learned more about football sence I have lived here in Provo due to our tv seems to only having one channel ESPN.... lol but it is cool. Now all I have to say bring it on basketball season I'm ready to learn...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So people are wanting to hear about me in Provo so here I am Living in Provo, not really understanding what it like to live in a college town and have this many students everywhere, I have 4 roommates, Mike, Brad, Paul, and Cort. I have known Mike for about 4 years. it is kinda nice to live in a place where there are tons of people around my age.

I live right under Y mountain, this week is Homecoming week so the Y is lit up all week, I was offered a job before I moved but when I got here they had some reservations that I was unaware of, so I am now looking while I wait to hear from that job. but if anything I have been able to take some Pictures of Utah so I have been busy looking for employment but also having some fun, 3 of my roommates and a ton of friends have birthday's in October so tonight we are throwing a huge party for the birthdays we have this big name DJ coming and there a plans for a lot of activities.
So another thing that I absolutely love is with living here I can park my car and walk a lot more, everything is so close. It would be kinda silly to drive to the store that is 2 minutes from my house. I also have the opportunity to walk to the temple every once and a while. The Provo temple has so many memories from the MTC and just from visits, things are good just eventful I am alive and kicking. doing well and living the life of a college student. that is new. But just an update.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Zack.

Congratulations to the Winner: Zach DeRidder
Zach DeRidder is the winner of a Trek road bike autographed by Lance Armstrong!

This man has done so much and continues to amaze those that are around him, I am truly grateful to have known him, his story is that of a miracle and continues to get even better. He deserves this gift due to the many hours of pain that "BOB" his tumor has caused him, Congrats Zack, and you'll Live Strong!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please if you can help Thank you.

Zach is one of my greatest friends. Two years ago (right after his mission) he was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. He is still fighting. He now has a video on (one of 10 videos chosen by Lance Armstrong) to help him raise money for his cross country ride which is his goal to do! Please take just a few moments to vote for Zach's video. You can find it right on the main page under "Dare to Challange: mhallstr4". I don't usually do this kind of thing. But Zach is a special guy and it's something that means so much to him. We can help him achieve his dreams and goals and lift him up as he battles with cancer!Please help!

He is behind by 1000 and we are trying to do everything we can to win this for him! If you feel comfortable with it, please invite all your friends to vote for him too by inviting them to join this event too! Vote Vote Vote! Lance Armstrong will Choose on Sept 23, 2008 Please help.

Go here to see the Video and Vote.

Thank You and love you much.

Jason Miller

So It's Official

I am Moving from Las Vegas, Nevada to Provo, Utah. I knew of the upcoming move earlier this year but wasn't sure when it would be, I finished EFY and came home to Vegas, Looking for a job but no luck! started to get discouraged, not to mention the bills were coming in and lets just face it EFY could only go so far. September 6th and 7th was the North Las Vegas Stake Conference, President Shields spoke plainly to the stake the message I received was...

When you pray specifically for things, you get Specific answers, I was praying that night, laying it all out there on my bed, asking what it was that I was supposed to do, the quiet calming influence of the Spirit came like it usually does and comforted me. It was then yet again that I knew that the Lord was aware of me. Monday the 8th, I went to inquire the Lord again and got the same answer from the Spirit. to move to Provo, Utah. So more questions arose you answered me but I have no place to live. A good buddy from my mission called me up that night and said that a Buddy was not going to move in until January so they had a vacant room in their house, he said that he immediately thought of me. so here I am moving to Provo, UT this coming Sunday, I appreciate the Lord and his willingness to comfort me in the very moment of trial, also for a Stake President and Bishop that teach me simple doctrine such as... When you pray specifically for things, you get specific answers. It is true. This I testify in the name of Jesus Christ.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finally an EFY moment! (LONG POST)

So many of you know that I was able to attend Efy this Past summer, as a youth it was not possible for me to attend. 2 years ago I got hired to work but unfortunately I got real sick about 3 weeks before, so I had to resign from that summer. I was so bummed! 2007 came and I was so busy with work that it wasn't even a possibility for me to attend, this year presented many opportunities and the choice was mine to make. I thought about it for months should I stay or should I go? Things just happened to fall into place and I felt that it was right. I honestly feel that if I attended in 2006 I would have not been prepared enough, The Lord knew that I needed some time to prepare, I have always loved the Youth of the church but this was going to be a tough decision I had to make. as of now I was a counselor to 47 young men this was sometimes tough, but I learned something from each and every one of them.

When I was first hired I was to go and accept my contracts with EFY and as I did so I noticed that EFY 7a was accommodated for ASL (American Sign Language) I immediately contacted EFY and informed them that I do not sign and that there has been a mistake, they reassured me that there will be 16 ASL youth but you will have hearing youth. Every Sunday night before the session started the counselors got to hear a message prepared from the Session director, this gave us a preview to the upcoming week what he was going to focus on and to pump us up. I had an amazing opportunity to be there that week. as that ended all the counselors got together for a snack and to meet your co-counselor. I was looking at the list on the window and I saw that I was in a company of 3 other counselors, Lacy, Stefanie, and Nick. I remember Jill one of the coordinators say that a girl named Stefanie flew out of Texas on the spur of the moment to attend and that she speaks ASL, and also Nick was Deaf. that night I was extremely nervous not knowing what to do I did take courage in know that the boys assigned to me were hearing and that I would have them. but still that knowledge of not know in our big meeting together the ASL would understand me, This weighed heavily on me that night. I prayed and went to bed. The next morning came and things were great, I did my duties, and at 1:30 I met my boys, how intimidating you have a room full of 6 boys looking at you in my mind kinda thinking who are you? as the time went on I started for feel a little comfort, but then Dru came and threw a wrench in that! turns out 4 boys were assigned to Nick that were not deaf so they got assigned to me. So now instead of 6 boys I went to 10, so 20 eyes looking at you can intimidate you right????

Well as time went on Las Vegas 1 was right around the corner, I learned so much from my first week in areas of: Listening, Providing, and just to relax a bit more, yall's that know me know I can get pretty uptight about things, being late and just not having the thing you need. I was blessed to work with Becca Power House I tell ya. that week i was also blessed with 9 funny and rowdy but teachable boys that week, well about 8 hours into the first day one boy went home, he didn't want to be there, of course due to him leaving it sparked many questions from the youth and myself, Why did he go home? was the constant question from them and from myself. I didn't have a clear answer to give them so I just told the youth it wasn't due to anything they did, but stressed the point that I wish the best for him and asked the youth to pray for him that he might have a experience that he could and would have a similar experience that they might have. I truly was saddened but his choice but I learned so much for that experience. Provo 10 and 11 were next, this was probably the week that I needed Heavenly help for, but time on my knees were given I loved each and everyone of the boys but they really gave me a run for my money at times.... It was awesome to see at the end of both weeks the changes that occured in their lives. as those weeks ended, I was reassured that they took home very valuable knowledge that was taught by my amazing Co Counselors, Stephanie, Jill, And Josh, and the second week was Mindy, Lindsay, and Nate. I finished those weeks have a greater and deeper testimony of the hand of the Lord is within my Life and the lives of others. It was truly a blessing working this summer I thought.

I finished on a Saturday, I went to my buddies house to catch up on sleep and do laundry, but I quite didn't make it to those chores, Mike invited me to go to Provo Canyon and go tubing. it was crazy cold! but so much fun. Sunday came around and I went to Mike's ward and he then went to dinner so I decided that I would do some laundry and get ready to head back to Vegas, but as I finished my laundry, *note I only packed enough laundry for a week, so I didn't have that much,* I was sitting on his couch and started to think about the final session that was starting the next day I was sitting there and I had a thought you need to go and see if they could use you next week, but I had said that I was tired and the Olympics have started, but it came again so I started to call and figure things out. I went and was the first one there, and sat in for the . session director fireside, after the fireside I was told that I was hired due to another counselor couldn't make it. This week was great I had 10, 16 year old's YES, 10 of them. my co was Nicki. she was so fun with the youth, the youth were so great thought this whole summer, I couldn't have asked for a better summer. The Lord truly knew what I needed and blessed me one hundred fold. Many of my boys started out the week with the wall being build and just was there for the girls, but I want to thank all the youth of EFY 2008 for a tremendous opportunity that you have made with me. but to the companies, Waves of the Sea, Lie and Wait, Keys of the Kingdom, Made alive and Terrified and Affrighted, To you I leave my love and my testimony that Jesus Christ lives and he will come again, that you are choice Spirit sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father, that Loves you for who you are, Remember who you are and what you stand for, you are known and you are Steady, I will always remember you and the blessing it is to have met you, LLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE you, always.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

One day Jason will get around to sharing my experience of EFY on here. tell ya looking for a job is time consuming.... but just to share with you some of my pictures that I have recently finished here they are to seen more go to my Photo blog ar

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New Update.

Just updated my Photography Website check it out and let me know what you think.

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Tagged????? I guess.

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For this tag I have to list 6 random things about me and then tag 6 other people. So here it goes!!

My Senior Year of High School was my Favorite.

Been Kissed once, she kissed me.

I was my High School Prom King

Worked in almost all job aspects, ie.... construction, retail...

Grew up with all girls except my Dad.

Honestly Scared to think what people think about my Photos.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jason's Photography Blog.

So I have created a Photography Blog, I have noticed some Friends that have this feature, I am real hesitiant about people viewing my photo's but in order to get better I figure I need to show them, it is, or you can click the link from my blog to go to it. let me know what you think, feedback is great, thanks.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

For my Freedom and Peace!

So late last year a member of my bishopric was deployed to Iraq to assist those in need of care wounded solders and residents of the Iraqi people, it was so hard to see him go and leave his wife and 2 children behind, as this season for celebration for our freedom, saluting men like Brett Brimhall, Mike Brackline, Dwight Funk, Caleb Smith, And Many Many More.

Brett Brimhall.

The Stake Center Choir has it's annual Freedom Festival concert coming up, so they started asking member of the choir for military personal pictures for the slide show, I thought that this would be an amazing opportunity for Brother Brett Brimhall to be recognized for his service, So I ask his Wife Holly for a picture of him little did I know she would send me a couple. as I viewed each picture I felt a deep gratitude for men and women like Brett Brimhall and their families, I feel that they are the strongest persons that walk the earth. I am happy to report Brother Brimhall Reported back to the United States Late may 2008, it just says to me the Heavenly Father answers prayers for many prayers that have been spoken from the Pulpit even to the Prayers from the bedside of those that were faithful, the Lord loves us and will protect those that we hold so dear even in the circumstances of war or conflict. to this day I still have the chills that run up my spine thinking of those that are lost to help keep my freedom, to them I truly say thank you! to their families I love you dearly and my condolences. My God keep and preserve you sweet memories.

In this picture I was told it is call the Hero's Highway, the American Flag tells the People that are in need of care that they are headed to a safety zone and that they are in good hands. Thank you Brother Brimhall and Others that risk your Life in saving mine. My God watch you and Keep you till the end.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kudos To Honk!

Last night was amazing, it was the start of Honk 2008, The cast is so talented. we walked away with so much to fix but I think we pulled together more and relied on each other this blesses us to be unified in our cause. The James Seastrand Helping Hands Foundation was created to Provide homecare services to the elderly in our communities providing rides to and from doctors appointments, the grocery store, as well as others.... so the Rosel Seastrand preforming arts program was created to help raise money for the James Seastrand Helping Hands. I don't like to use this term "Community Theatre" I think it is more than that! Yet no one is paid, it is all volunteered time spent and with shows like honk it is worth it. to see the elderly in the audience nightly creates a bond that people do care and are willing to sacrifice thier time to help others it obviously is a gift of God that 30 to 50 people are willing to give up their life for 6 months to a year, every year! this is a blessing to all, not only to the cast, orchastra, lighting, tech, Directors, and the audience.... so if you have the time please come out and support those that have given their time to bring the story of the ugly duckling to life, it is awesome! The website to buy tickets is

Thanks for your support.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh My!

WOW! Water is a rising! and I can't seem to swim! The Musical is a week and a half away, and I just finished my costumes. so awesome.! we are moving into the theatre tommorrow, June 9 it is so wierd thinking about how time seems to go by so fast...Today is one of those sundays in which you can tell the the Lord loves you, I hope many of you felt the same. Well let me explain my experience:

In August 2006 I Moved to Las Vegas, Nv. My old mission stomping grounds, I attend The North Star Ward it is a YSA (Young Single Adult) The Stake President, President Peter G. Shields, is fairly new to the calling of The position of president but has been in the presidency a long time, well he was called and he had a vision for a stake of 12 wards to create a Stake Center Choir. In which the ladies would wear matching Dresses and the men would have matching ties, we would sing at Stake Conference, all twleve Ward Conferences, we would host many concerts, a Spring Concert, a Fall Concert, a Christmas and Fourth of July Festival. The purpose of this choir was to bring the Spirit into these such meetings and events, Well in January of 2007 I was called to fill a spot in the bass section, this choir has about 65 voices, with a choir president, and two organist's later in 2007, President Shields announced that a Stake Center Orchestra was to be formed, They too were there to bring the Spirit and to accompany the choir in many songs, songs such as, Come Thou Fount, This is the Christ, I Believe in Christ, Redeemer Of Isreal, Sweet Hour of Prayer, And many more. As I have traveled to the different wards I been able to feel something that I longed for my whole life. When I sing such songs as Come Thou Fount, I realize that I will wander but after I have raised my Ebenezer (a stone Pillar) I know where to come back to. Well this morning was the Laurel Canyon Ward Conference, The Feelings that I experience coming out of those meeting is that I Know the Revelation is givin to a worthy individual and that is it recieved by those that are listining not to the speaker but to the message that is givin by the Spirit. During my own Sacriment Meeting today there were 2 Departing missionaries that spoke, but during the Sacriment portion of the meeting one of the brothers went to get more water trays due to the large amounts of people flowing in. The sacriment hymn had started and the brother hadn't returned so my Stake president got out of his seat and started to break the bread it was so humbling to experience that he has led me and that he stands by what he teaches, this evening we honored those High School seniors that are graduating in Semenary, the stake center choir sang there too, yea, I know a long day... but it was worth it. I really can't explain the way I am feeling but I do have a testimony of the restored gospel and how it has truly changed my life. it is due to men like Peter G. Shield, and many men that I am able to look to for council and guidence. My Bishop Jeremy H. Garner has said thing that I know the Lord has prepared to tell many of those in my ward to hear. Just a side note his wife Sarah had twins this past wendsday, June 4 Cole and Gavin are their names. I may not understand everything involving the gospel But I do understand that I have a Loving Heavenly Father that is mindful of me! he Lives and loves me. I am grateful to have the Holy Ghost and the constant companionship of him.

Just a thought I want to Thank you all for your support, I know it is weird that I just picked up and moved to Las Vegas, but it was done in the spirit of Prayer and once you ask and you get an answer you can't really ask again... Right? I am well the Lord is taking care of me and that is what counts.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday The Day of Rest!

Peace can overcome you when you least expect it, this morning I woke up and just remembered that I can't do everything, talk about tender mercies from the Lord! my thoughts immediately my thoughts wnet to the Savior and how have I seen the hand of the Lord in my life this week? I'm not goin g to completly go thought my week and tell you what I did but highlight certain points. Last sunday, Having dinner with friends and just relaxing getting to chat with them, remembering that it is always good to take time to and just listen, not only to your closest friends but also the Spirit, he will always be there, another thing this week, Preparing for EFY is like I said almost like a mini mission, many of the small truths and little things of knowledge that you learn while you have constant scripture study, can come back to you. Doing service is always a good way to find comfort in the Lord, sitting outside all night friday night to reserve the Summerlin Preforming Arts Theartre for next years production of The Wizard Of Oz, really puts things in perspective for your thinking, continued education is a must for me and though time I will be taught how to fund it, Great is the Lord for the gift of inspiration, I love him, untill next time, see you later.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Is Under way and will be seen by hundreds! It is the story of the Ugly Duckling put in the hands of musicians! I was Cast in this musical as the Turkey the schools headmaster (Principal), and Barnicals a Blind, Forgetful Goose that has no clue what is going on aroud him, it is so fun to be part of a cast that has so much talent let me tall you there are times I can't even act cause I am laughing too hard, so Pam the director makes me hold a nail and whenever I start laughing I am to press my thumb on the sharp part to keep me from laughing and it works, but 3 weeks left and so much time to follow after that I won't know what to do with my self.

EFY Here I Come!

Preparing for EFY is a lot like Preparing for a mission, in reguards to learning the how to understand the needs of the youth. I am a firm believer that the youth that attend don't just attend for the social atmosphere but for the spiritual boost that comes with the activities! as I have taken time to read the little amount of my manual i can really feel the Spirit and his place in this event, I what hired fro 5 session this year but due to the musical I had to turn one session down,

thoughout this preperation i have come to understand once again that the Lord is mindful of me and his children.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jason's Stress Relief.

So I have taken up a new hobby what do you think?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Anyone Else Busy???

Life is hecktic! Between a part-time job, full time calling, full time musical and a full time church things just seen to never end, that could be concidered a good thing right, but always remember the Good, Better, and Best, Dallin H. Oaks.

I have learned so much from the small prompting while in Sacrament meeting, the Lord truly does know me and want's to communicate with his chidren, I feel truly loved by a loving Heavenly Father, he knows me and wants best for me. that is what helps me get up every morning, knowing that he can and will use me to help others. I love the Lord for his goodness and thank him for my family and friends.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So Things have gotten Rough!

Life is in full force and is like a giant snowball racing down hill, but in other words crazy, Just way busy, church, work, and life... I think that when my life gets crazy it is to keep my mind focused on the things I hold so dear, this past week has been tough, a friend of mine call me last week and asked me to take her to the hospital, so then last friday I was stuck on Las Vegas Blvd, due to the Monte Carlo Fire! Crazy it is like Vegas completely Shuts down over the littlest things.... then sunday, hear of the passing of President Hinckley, a man that i have looked to as a Prophet for 10 years sence baptism, I learned so much from him but look forward to sustaining a new President of the church.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So Lots Have Happened!

So all that have read my first blog... know that I was called into the Elders Quorum Presidency, This has truly been a blessing in my life, I have made the best friends that I could have ever made thus far in my lifetime, I have also had a chance to grow to love those that are around me, I have had so many oppitunities to serve and seeing the blessings come as a result. We Try to have activities almost weekly, like saturday morning football, in fact, I played last saturday and scored 2 touchdowns now that my friends is a miracle! LOL.... so enough about that.Things are well untill next time see ya.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Jason has big news!

This well be short but sweet... so I am in a local Singles ward in Las Vegas Nv, Yes the very place I served my 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I've been back about a year and 2 months, and I love it. I have attened the North Star Singles ward sence, I seem to average 3 months with a calling... back in January i was made a Ward Mission leader, but was released back in June, I then was exteded the calling of Family Home Evening Chair. so i was released from my duties in September and called to be in the Sunday School Presidency as the Secretary, which leads to this past weekend. The Current Elders Quorum President is a good friend of mine in which on the 17 of this month will be getting married, Saturday night i recieved a phone call from a member of the High Council, he asked " can you meet with me tommorrow morning at 10:15" initially what went through my mind was no but I accepted the invitation, that night I couldn't sleep just kept thinking about what it could be, finally I fell asleep then I woke up at 8:30 and got ready. I left my house and was thinking on my way to the church, I finally met with him and said that my name had been submitted by the new Elders Quorum President to be his 2nd councilor, immediately I felt a deep love for my Savior and knew he prepared me for this but yet great fellings of inadequacy set in and I knew that those were feelings of the advisary and that I needed to put those aside quicky I accepted the call. I LOVE the Lord! Sitting in front of the elders in our Quorum on sunday I experienced something that is hard to explain so i won't, but I knew that the Savior is aware of all of us and our needs.